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Listening Post — top 3 Christmas songs

Marvin gaye - I Want to Come Home for Christmas
Roger Miller - Little Toy Trains

They're all old songs, but I've never heard them before this year and they're all essential.

1)  Marvin Gaye– I Want To Come Home for Christmas
I don't know anyone who's heard of this song.  Marvin was singing from the perspective of a soldier in Vietnam; where's the soldier's-eye-view song of Christmas in Iraq?  Until we get one, this song will more than do.

2) Brenda Lee– I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus
Never was familiar with her stuff until a few weeks ago (she's the "I'm sorry, so sorry" gal you might have heard in a commercial or two), and I've had a good time exploring her unique stylings– this is my favorite because its rhyme structure is so unpredictable.

3) Roger Miller– Little Toy Trains
This is the one everybody seems to know but I've somehow missed– it's got that little touch of melancholy that always pervades Christmas for me– but now tinged with joy at having a new son who will be getting his own toy trains from me soon enough [or a Playstation 8…. or whatever the grabby little bugger thinks he has to have that week……]

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