CLOSED: Phileas Fogg in Lookingglass’ “Around the World in 80 Days” @ KC Rep



Click photos to enlarge. They are by Don Ipock.
Closed Feb. 14th, 2010
Official site with more pics and articles here
Video preview here.
"Virtually flawless theater… technically, there is nothing here to criticize…  a moving story of metamorphosis and spiritual renewal… the performances are excellent…. Baker is a charismatic actor who shows us a lot by seemingly doing little… I never expected a love story, but that's what I got. And it was among the most affecting love stories I've ever seen on stage. As we watch Baker and Batista gradually fall in love in a reserved 19th century way, the effect is irresistible. The actors are so good that there are moments when you'd swear you were watching the real thing.  And that says something in a show as whimsical as this." Robert Trussell, Kansas City Star (also available here).

"The story is well known, but the staging for this production is fresh and vibrant.  With swashbuckling sword fights, dancing, shoot-outs and occasionally a contemplative song, I found myself actively engaged in every scene. The show shines because of the complete commitment of the actors. Fogg himself does not crack a smile until over halfway through the second act, and for those who catch it, it’s a treat. By far one of the more enjoyable plays I've seen in a long time."  – Rachel C Murphy, Kansas Free Press
"From the vantage point of a wired, Googled, You-Tubed, Twittering world, where circumnavigating the globe can be done in under 80 minutes, it was fun to be transported back to a time when performing such a feat in 80 days was considered a quantum leap in world travel. . .  Lance Baker was near perfect as the very reserved Phileas Fogg, whose range of emotional development – from precise, reserved, gentleman to malleable, warm, gentle man – was so narrow that the subtlest of nuances are necessary to convey the growth of the character. Baker's mastery of his craft was evident from the opening scene, and watching him convey Fogg's development in minimalism was absolutely mesmerizing." — Christopher Guerin,
"This is top of the line theatre work. . . Each of the performers in the show give an amazing, and in the case of Lance Baker as Phileas Fogg and Ravi Batista as Mrs. Aouda, effecting performances." —

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