Two tip-offs: Industry Nights and Discounts

"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The downward spirals of these three people, and their very different but terrible fates, is exquisitely unspooled by the actors.  And Spallen's clear-eyed vision of her characters' lives — their language, their hidden poetry, their hunger for something more, and their mix of devouring self-knowledge and a tragic compulsion to self-destruct — is enough to rattle any soul." Chicago Sun-Times

INDUSTRY NIGHT Tue 4/21 8pm pay-what-u-can *reservations encouraged*
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Black Sheep Productions presents the Chicago Premiere
Will Eno's The Flu Season

directed by Jeremy Wechsler

$10 Previews this Friday 4/24 and Saturday 4/25 at 8pm.
312-902-1500 or at the Athenaeum box office

Featuring:Cory Krebsbach, Matt Holzfeind, Darrelyn Marx, John Henry Roberts, and William J. Watt and Alice Wedoff

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