CLOSED: “Mauritius” at Northlight


SunTimes: "Recommended… a razor-sharp moral tale ideally cast… terrifically nasty twists… All five actors are ideally cast and make every second of the play snap, crackle and pop as 'the takers' and 'the taken' duke it out. It's not pretty, but it emits a pretty irresistible scent of blood."

WBEZ: "A big audience-pleaser… critics will have a few quibbles, but the parts that work absolutely crackle.  The veteran cast is first-rate."

Pioneer Press: "Suspenseful, jagged-edged and terrifically entertaining… a series of scene-ending cliff-hangers that leave you awaiting each new plot twist like a kid between death-loops on a roller coaster.  Baker is exquisitely villainous, looking like he's dyed his very eyeballs black for the role. He also manages to imbue one of the world's most commonly used two-word, seven-letter imperative expletives with more shades of emotion than a week-long therapy session."

Steadstyle: "Lance Baker, who’s shed the bulk and splendor of Emperor Joseph in "Amadeus" to play Sterling, a lean, hungry looking man who appears wired and greedy enough to send high frequency threatening waves throughout the theatre. "

Reader:  "Exhilarating…
as long as one doesn’t expect stunning insights or airtight dramaturgical logic, there’s a lot of fun to be had here."

Windy City Times: "
Expertly played, has the right stuff to be an audience-pleaser. As played by Anne Adams and Lance Baker, the Act II scene easily is the highlight of the show, with the threat of explosive confrontation always thisclose."

Centerstage Chicago: "
Really, you should see this part-mystery and part-action drama play for the talented acting ensemble. Rebeck's dialogue is stimulating, intelligently savvy and full of unexpected humor… when the fireworks start, take cover. Stamp collecting has never been so dangerous. "

Free Press: "
Makes for a crackling puzzle play… tough stuff with crude characters. Its aggression is very accessible as the tug of war between sisters and collectors tumbles to a satisfactory ending."

Kozlowski: "
It's not a play that will be revived in 2075 on the moons of Jupiter, but it's also not a play that made me react with furor that it made it to Broadway. It's a good time for all… entertaining as all get-out…. My other favorite was Lance Baker in full mobster regalia as a nefarious thug with an ejaculatory soft spot for rare stamps."

TimeOut: "
Four Stars…brisk, tidy, kinda dumb, really entertaining domestic caper… You could probably watch it twice without getting bored… The complicated, frequently impeccable Baker, stepping far out of his comfort zone into a broad caricature role, takes at least half the evening to disappear completely into the part of an oily, pin-striped tiger shark. But he finds his buffed-wing-tip footing in a kinky negotiation scene to fine effect." "Excellent entertainment… this mystery will keep you locked until the end.  Lance Baker is superb as the villainous Sterling."

NewCity: "An undeniable crowd-pleaser… fun… a good time….
As for cast highlights, Lance Baker, one of this city’s drollest comic presences, plays the stamp thug with equal parts scariness and sarcasm—you never know if he’s joking or serious which is exactly what the part calls for."

Tribune: "Three Stars… it isn’t a great play, but it is a very clever, involving, fast-moving and juicy one.  Lance Baker… in… shtick… mode."


  • Every Thursday is $25, call or walkup
  • Day-of tickets go for $20, call or walkup
  • Student tickets available for $10
  • And, as always, click my email at right if you'd like to make a deal.

Broadway World preview here.

Official page here.  Previews start February 25th.

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2 responses to “CLOSED: “Mauritius” at Northlight”

  1. warren says :

    i would love to come see it. what are the preview discounts. you got any hook ups. give my best to the family!

  2. Lance Baker says :

    Stay tuned– I'll post news about that here. Good to hear from you Warren!

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