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CLOSED: “A Very Merry Unauthorized Scientology Pageant”

The Onion’s Decider interviews the cast about religion and such.

YouTube preview now up.

Sun-Times’s Hedy Weiss says “Genius!  The most hilariously funny, perfectly realized and in many ways most profound hour of theater now on a Chicago stage.  Co-directors Lance Baker and Steve Wilson have not only done a brilliant job of casting, they’ve also shrewdly shaped their ensemble of prodigies by using the kids’ innate personalities to maximum effect.  In a season that has featured an unusual number of superb stage performances by children, this ensemble is something special. Highly Recommended!”

Tribune’s brilliantly satirical little gem!  The ensemble of ten youngsters in the cast, many playing multiple roles, get the right mix of solemnity and whimsy… entrancing and surprising… delivers a lot of emotional and philosophical treasure under the glittering witty tinsel.  Three and a half stars!”

Centerstage’s Zach Freeman says “The most engagingly hilarious hour you could spend in Chicago between now and December 28th.  Equal parts The Polyphonic Spree concert and Second City sketch night… a hilarious mix of deadpan comedic moments, unabashedly cheesy musical numbers, laugh-out-loud jokes, and sight gags with perfect comic timing befitting actors twice their age.”

NewCity’s Nina Metz says “Wow!  These kids are hilariously cute. I can’t remember the last time I saw young actors this good– I defy anyone to resist their enthusiasm.  The show is a half-snicker away from full snark… but there is something much deeper and more affecting going on here… the show is so much more than a stupid comedy about Scientology.  RECOMMENDED.”

Time Out’s Chris Piatt says “4 STARS!  This weird treat deserves, at the very least, a cult following. A hysterical send-up of the orthodoxy practiced by TomKat and Kirstie Alley (who, naturally, make appearances)– it’s a ticklish breeze to watch.  All ten tykes are great!”

The Reader’s Albert Williams says “Recommended! The young performers’ earnest innocence is funnier than any adult’s irony could ever be.”

Rob Kozlowski says: “An exceptionally funny romp.”

Tribune preview article (and lively comment section) here.
Chicagoist preview here.
The anti-Scientology pranksters “Anonymous” stopped by the theater [has video of their “protest”]

Chicago Premiere

Fridays At 8:00pm
Saturdays At 7:00pm & 9:00pm
Sundays At 3:00pm

Book, Music & Lyrics By Kyle Jarrow
From A Concept By Alex Timbers

Directed By Lance Baker And Steve Wilson
Musical Direction By Brandon Magid
Musical Arraingement & Sound By Joseph Fosco
Featuring: Chaz Allen, Najwa Brown, Jackson Challinor,
Jaiden Fallo, Paola Lehman, Melanie Neilan,
Adam Rebora, Kara Ryan, Elenna Sindler
and Aria Szalai-Raymond

OR CALL: 312-943-8722