Amadeus Closed

Chicago Suntimes"A work of genius.  Captures Shaffer's play in full glory.  Altogether bravura.  director Gary Griffin's radiant revival, with a truly starry cast all its own, easily can stand beside anything Broadway has to offer.  This is a crystal clear, visually ravishing, fully glorious version of a play most audiences know only from its less-than-ideal movie incarnation. And if Chicago Shakespeare were not on such a tight subscription schedule it easily could run for a year."

Chicago Tribune– "An exceptionally well-acted and skillfully directed "Amadeus" that fundamentally gets and celebrates the play.   Engaging and theatrically full-throttle.  A rich, deftly cast, fully realized and emotionally honest production… the understated Lance Baker is darn good, too, as the emperor of Austria, a vapid patron whose love of the arts means little because he knows so little about it."

Copley News-– "A brilliant revival. Amadeus is adult theater in the finest sense of that much abused term. It deserves a life beyond its limited CST run but most likely Chicagoland theatergoers will have to make do with the current staging, which must be seen… Lance Baker strikes just the right note as the dim Joseph II."

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An actor and director in Chicago and on the road.

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