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UR Chicago calls Thom Pain one of ’07 best performances

Methinks the pull quote would look like this:
"Opera fans have their Pavarottis… Chicago theater has Lance Stuart Baker…. delivering the dramatic equivalents of a thousand perfectly pitched high Cs." Catey Sullivan, UR Chicago
Well, when you put it that way!

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Wall Street Journal included A Park in Our House for “Best of 2007”

Discovering the World Beyond Broadway By *TERRY TEACHOUT*
*December 28, 2007; Page W9*

"More often than not, of course, it is our regional theaters that are
bringing us the most memorable productions of great plays of the past.
Chicago's theater scene long ago established itself as comparable in quality
to that of New York, and a high number of the best shows I saw in 2007 took
place there, including the Court Theatre's incisive staging of Tom
Stoppard's "*Arcadia*," Strawdog Theatre Company's up-close-and-personal
version of Brian Friel's "*Aristocrats*," and a performance of Nilo Cruz's "
*A Park in Our House*" at Victory Gardens Theater that made me wonder — not
for the first time — why only one play by the winner of the 2003 Pulitzer
Prize for drama has been seen on Broadway to date."

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CLOSED: “A Park in Our House” by Nilo Cruz @ Victory Gardens

Official website here.
Video previews here.
Wall St Journal review here. "I can't imagine a more satisfying production."
Suntimes review here. "Lance Baker in just the latest of his invariably pitch-perfect, understated performances."
Tribune review here. "Brooding!  Overly asexual!" review here. "Lance Baker shines."
Tribune blog Extrovert here. "Baker portrays with delightful awkwardness the visiting Russian botanist who is trying to find his place in the world."
Epoch TImes review here"Always capable."
Chicago Free Press review here"Contagiously sadsack."
Time Out review here. "Always-welcome."
Reader review somewhere here.
Daily Herald review here.

Suntimes preview here.

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