“Lady” @ Northlight opens– reviews, video, etc.


This page has all the info, plus two video clips.

INDUSTRY NIGHT:  Tues Feb 20th 7:30p $10 mention "industry" to 847-673-6300

Chicago Tribune review here.
"Recommended.  With the help of a trio of rich, intense and detailed performances from Baker (in especially fine fettle here), Sparks and Michael Shannon (as the depressed third wheel on this trip), the play's political potency comes from the nature of its characters."

Sun-Times review here.
"Recommended.  As Graham, Baker is particularly good as he runs with his crucial speech — a brief, cutting defense of U.S. hegemony, of "being in charge till it's over, [which] means someone can stop us."

Reader review here.
"Highly Recommended.  The narrative is strong, the characters are lively, and B.J. Jones's world-premiere staging, starring Lance Baker, Michael Shannon, and Paul Sparks, is sprightly."

Daily Herald review here.
"Three and a half stars (out of four). These strong, very intense actors complement each other perfectly and you can't help feeling heartsick for their casualties – both literal and figurative."

Evanston Review review here:
"When the time comes to tout the 10 best plays of 2007, Northlight's world premiere of "Lady" will be right up at the top. What a brilliant production: in characterization, plot and execution!"

Windy City Times review here.
" Under BJ Jones' direction and its flawless acting ensemble, Lady delivers a sucker punch to the gut and head."

Time Out Chicago review here.
"Four Stars.  Under Jones’s ever-alert, textually diligent direction, these exceptional actors interact so convincingly, we almost can’t detect the author’s strings. But strings or no, Wright’s the unusual playwright with the desire to diagnose the nation’s ills and the talent to do so."

Variety review here.
"It's awfully tough to write with any perspective about a national trauma while we're in the midst of it — that's the stiff challenge facing artists who take on the Iraq war and its impact on the nation. But Craig Wright ("Recent Tragic Events," "Six Feet Under") manages to pull this off with surprising potency and depth in "Lady."

Gay Chicago review here.
"Four Stars.  BJ Jones’s tight yet fluid direction of the impeccable cast delivers Wright’s script with startling and at times exceptionally subtle impact. Northlight Theatre’s world premiere of “Lady” is a must-see production of a powerfully unique and ingeniously profound theatrical achievement."

Steadstyle review here.
"One out of four stars.  Was it just coincidence that Craig Wright named this play after a dog?"

Article on Craig Wright in Time Out here.

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