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TONIGHT Staged Reading of Dillman, Gilman, Neveu play

American Theatre Company 7:30PM $5 (773) 929-1031 for more info

I'll be reading Lord Butterscotch

An Entertainment by Lisa Dillman, Rebecca Gilman, and Brett Neveu
Directed by Noah Simon and Nick Minas

On a secluded estate on the English moors during the 1895ish, Edwardian Depression-era Elizabethan century, Lord Gerald "Butterscotch" Wepley and his assorted houseguests attempt to solve the mystery of the dreaded Darkwater Phantom while uncovering long-sheltered family secrets, jibing each other with ribald bon-mots, and diving deep into wild-and-woolly upper-crust hijinks.

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Collaboraction benefit– tix going fast

Collaboraction cordially invites you to our fifth annual gala of decadence & debauchery
7:00PM Saturday October 14th  Park West, 322 W. Armitage Ave.

Tix are $175 [$1750 for a table.]

But if you wanted to volunteer, I bet someone here would hear you out and maybe hook you up.

more @

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The language of luck

If you nail a commercial audition, your agent will call you to tell you one of three things:

1) The client likes you and you are "on hold" 2) The client likes you and they are "checking your availability" 3) The client likes you and they are "giving you first refusal"

I've been told all three of those things in my years on the commercial hustle, and all three have invariably ended up with someone else getting the job. Really, there's only one word you want to hear, and that's "booked." Then you want to sign something as fast as possible. Really, there's no guarantees until you're eating something off the craft services table on the day of the shoot.

I heard number three this week, a Bob Evans national TV spot that would have shot in fabulous Columbus OH. Big money for Noah diapers was put in my hands and then taken away in the span of a single day. I'm a little disgruntled. But never surprised.

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Veteran Actor Collapses Onstage, Dies

Oct 06 4:45 PM US/Eastern

Twenty minutes into the performance of "The Best Man" at a Chicago theater, veteran stage actor Gene Janson, onstage with fellow performer David Darlow, unexpectedly put his head in his hands.  When Darlow asked Janson if he was OK, "He replied that he was not," said James Bohnen, artistic director of the Remy Bumppo Theatre Company, which is producing the play.

Darlow rushed off the stage to get help, and a nurse in the matinee audience came to Janson's aid. Janson, 72, was taken Wednesday to Lincoln Park Hospital, where he died shortly after of a heart attack, said his son, Christopher Janson.

"There is a certain poetic irony to his death," Christopher Janson said. "He died doing what he loved, which was being on the stage and in a play he was so proud of."

In the Gore Vidal drama, Janson portrayed a fictional former U.S. president who dies unexpectedly. Bohnen said the role was one of Janson's finest in a 50-year career.

"He brought so much to his character," Bohnen said. "He was having the time of his life with this part."

Janson worked mainly on the stage, although his film credits included "The Blues Brothers," "While You Were Sleeping," and "My Best Friend's Wedding." He also appeared in TV shows and commercials.

Janson was familiar to Chicagoans as a pledge drive spokesman for public station WTTW-TV, a job he held for more than 20 years.

Remy Bumppo planned to resume "The Best Man" with an understudy in Janson's role, a spokesman said Friday. The company has dedicated the rest of the play's run at Chicago's Victory Gardens Greenhouse Theater to his memory.

Besides his son, Janson is survived by a wife, two daughters and four grandchildren.

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